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Reading extra about daily pill box organiser 7 day is steady evidence of your love for your ELDERS and YOURSELF. It simply takes 10 mins to arrange the dietary supplements for the entire week and never miss taking meds again.

Suitable Dimensions – If you take several BIG-SIZED capsules every day, no need to worry about it. The Mark Curve medication storage box has large compartments that accommodate all doses COMFORTABLY.

Stop commencing every bottle, sort all your vitamins and supplements once a week and enjoy peace of mind.

Mark Curve Vs Other organizers? Most vitamin box gets in vain simply some days because labels fade away. Mark Curve’s pill holder makes use of advanced UV printing technology, making your icons long-lasting. Moreover, the lids are sturdy, in no way reveling in the breakage of lids and the meds popping out of them.

Take it Everywhere – Mark Curve pill container helps you to take a daily dose even if you are on a long journey. We recognize the way to TAKE CARE of your money.

Product Details: Color: Rainbow Colors Weight: 50g Material: 100% Food Grade PP (Polypropylene) Material Product Size: 12cm L × 12cm W × 2.5cm H

Tips: 1.Clean it before using 2.Don’t clean the weekly vitamin organiser with a dishwasher 3.Keep it away from Children and Pets 4.Keep vitamin holder far away from high temperature and humid places

Package Included: 1 x Weekly Pill Box

【Large Capacity】 Our medicine storage box is ideal for all of your large-sized pills. You can fill up to 8 fish oil tablets or 12 nutrients in every compartment. Adding or taking away capsules is even easy due to those larger containers. Mark Curve medication organizer occupies less space and is easily adjustable anywhere due to its slim flower design

【 Delightful Colors with Long Lasting Labels】 Rainbow colors make our daily pill boxes 7 day 1 times a day visually appealing. Mark Curve makes use of top-class UV Printing to keep away from wiping off the fonts and icons from the dosset box surface. Thus, no need to be annoyed with diminished icons or fonts on any weekday lids

【 Human-Friendly Material 】 Mark Curve pill dispenser fabricated with food-grade PP material, which is non-toxic and non-harmful. It is a BPA-Free container so your tablets are flawlessly secure for medical use. Now you can take out your daily dosage to any environment like an office, gym, or long travels

【Easy to Open Lids】 No extra traumatic lids that want to be opened with fingernails. With an advanced snap-shut mechanism of our dosette box, the lid opening or closing is Pain-free. Especially appropriate for arthritis sufferers and aged people who face trouble even when opening the lids

【Easy to Carry Daily Tablet Dispenser】 Our medication box is available in a 7-day pill pot with spacious portions in size. Simply organize it from Monday to Sunday once and have a better track of your medication for an entire week. No need to remember the daily dose. Store all your medicine once and enjoy complete peace of mind

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