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Embark on a journey with Senzorna and Travel is SWELL, your premier source for autism and sensory-friendly travel experiences. Explore sensory-friendly destinations and discover inclusive accommodations tailored for individuals with sensory needs. Plan stress-free vacations with our expert autism travel tips or rely on the expertise of our Certified Autism Specialists to guide you in every step of the way. As a trusted special needs travel agency, we curate unique travel experiences, guiding you to sensory-friendly destinations and attractions. Your pathway to accessible travel for autism starts here – with Senzorna and Travel is SWELL, where every adventure is crafted with inclusivity in mind. Start your journey today!

The Autism Travel Specialist Difference

Senzorna and Travel is SWELL delivers outstanding personal service, uncompromising standards for quality, and a steadfast commitment to making the most of your vacation time… a brand promise we made since the beginning of our company in September 2000, and haven’t deviated from since.

Traveling well includes getting the best value for your money. Our guests feel that it’s not about spending as little as you can, but about what you get for what you spend… and that a Senzorna and Travel is SWELL trip is worth every penny.